Friday, January 27, 2012

Queen of Laugh Live and Love

Sometimes I feel a little silly  and like to experiment. It's fun getting out of your comfort zone. Don't you think? Today's piece is a collage using a crown template I developed. I use it from time to time because it can be used for any kind of look. It's going on my new studio's bulletin board.  The starring role is the Retro Cafe Art  Heart Burst stencil. There's a whole bunch of Valentine's Day cards I am making with this stencil too and will show you next week.

After cutting out the  crown template I painted it with gold and red acrylic paints.  I layered it on a larger purple crown template next. Using black acrylic paint, the  points of the heart stencil came next  then a purple Stickled interior . A tiny RCA red glitter heart was set in the center. The little words were printed and watercolored. The swirls, sparkly bits, and glitter hearts added the bling. Some edging and tiny gold Stickles dots came last.

Hope you will try something silly this wee.
yours truly, gerri
"Laugh, Live, Love"

"Live details"


  1. Love it when you get silly:) Really cute piece Gerri!

  2. Beautiful that you came out of your comfort zone. Thats lovely to do sometimes. Love your crown and glitter heart.
    Lovely greet

  3. 110% FUN!!!!
    Gerri, in our out of your comfort zone you always produce the goods.
    Love the glitter.

  4. oh Gerri this is just brilliant love the crown,and just love those colours hugs Cherylxxxxxx

  5. This week? My whole life is one long string of ridiculous! Generally the good kind, thankfully . . . very fun piece, Gerri!


  6. Hi Gerri
    well I know all about being out of comfort zone so don't feel alone, giggle.
    I think your crown is stunning and you should wear it proudly, after all you are the Queen!!!
    Take care and keep having silly fun.
    Lesley ♥


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