Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Gecko Galz September Design Projects

Today for my Gecko Galz Design Team, I have a variety of projects to share with you today. The images  at Gecko Galz are so wonderful and always in a wide variety of themes and styles. Check them sometimes. I have  created 2 ATCs and a Halloween card to show you. To make these projects:

"I make no excuses."
This ATC started with a black printed playing card that was edged in gold. The tattooed girl image from Gecko Galz was layered with metal jewelry pieces to accent the fan. The extra details include gold german scrap , gold Stickles and rhinestones. The hand cut sentiment reads" I make no excuses."

"Only dreams come true"This ATC used the beautiful image from the tattooed girls Gecko Galz sheet. It was layered on green paper and placed under a Retro Cafe Art frame. The edges of the frame have tiny paper doilies and cut out red roses from Retro Cafe Art. Everything was touched with Stickles. The hand cut sentiment reads " Only dreams come true."

Black Cat Trick or TreatsThis greeting card was built around the cats with pumpkin image from the Ge mo Galz Halloween night collage sheet. The image was layered on a black Dollie, striped paper and put on a black card. The accents include black cats from Retro Cafe Art, candy corn stickers' tiny paint dots, Stickles and orange dotted ribbon. The hand cut sentiment was from Retro Cafe Art and says " Black cat Trick or Treats"

Hope you enjoy all my projects today.
Take care,

"Only Dreams are true"

"I make no excuse"
"Black Cat Tricks and Treats"

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sky blue Victorian Birdhouse

Well, the birds are certainly out here in the low country. We even set up a new set of feeders near our window,  so we can see all the different beautiful varieties. They are so wonderful flitting about our home. We had to buy a squirrel baffle since we found the squirrels literally hanging from the three feeders eating all the seeds! In honor of this event, I was inspired to create this Victorian birdhouse using Retro Café Art supplies. 

Hope you will see some amazing feathered friends this week.
Take care and tweet tweet,

"Victorian Birdhouse"

Here are the  Retro Café Art supplies:

Collage sheet DP 122
3" tall unfinished wood candle stick
Mini paper blooms
Brass bird on a branch
Thistle Stickles

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Its A Circus Out There with the Gecko Galz Design Team

For August the Gecko Galz team is presenting a " It's a Circus out there"! I do enjoy the circus theme since it has lots  of colors, patterns  and sparkly things! I you know what I always say.... "You can never have too much glitter". Well, enjoy my three Design Team projects and stop on over at the Gecko Galz Blog where I am the featured artist today! I even have a free peacock Gecko Galz image for you today. At Gecko Galz, there are amazing collage sheets and contests to participate in too. Come join in  all the fun,
Up Up And Away

It's A Circus Out There

To make the ATC
I painted a romance Retro Cafe Art ATC frame red, pink and white . The ballon image from the Gecko Galz " up up and away " collage sheet was painted and dotted with Stickles. The up up and away words were cut from the same. Sheet. A red heart from Retro Cafe Art was then added with more Stickles accents.

The card "amusement "used the circus image of the woman and her horse, which was hand painted and glued to a background paper of soda bottle caps.  I layered the hand stamped vintage circus poster and the medallions next. Both  were painted with water colors and accented with Stickles. The amusement definition was also water colored painted. A little banner from Retro Cafe Art was covered in Red Stickles and was the final accent.

The card"it's a circus out there" started by fussy cutting the balancing elephant, tight rope walker  and girl on horse from the Gecko Galz Circus collage sheet. All were were painted and touched with Stickles then added to a polka dot background. The other 3d items are from Retro Cafe art. The RCA fun tent was stamped and painted.  The RCA strong man was painted silver and given a red glitter heart. The RCA carousel horse was embellished. The final 3D piece was the two sized banners Stickled in Blue with a painted silver edge. The last piece to be added was the hand stamped sign "its a circus out there".
Here's a free Gecko Galz image for you today!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Gecko Galz Design Team

Today I am featured on the Gecko Galz blog as a design team member. There are so many pretty collage sheets for all your paper  needs available from Gecko Galz. You can check out their etsy store here. Collage sheets, Papers and stamps for your digital paper crafts are offered there too. Each month there is a customer challenge and you can win prizes...the theme  this month is Seaside memories. LeAnne has even given me a free image  to celebrate being featured , you can find it at the bottom of this post. In July Gecko Galz's  stamp theme is "Midsummer Nights Dream" and it is pretty little fairy stamps.   

I do hope you like my two projects, both so totally different from each other!!! Its a wonder how our creative minds work. Don't you agree.

Do take care,


"To be of the Sea"

"Lady Luck"

To make these collages, here are the instructions:
"Sea Nymphs"
I painted some card stock with water blue and green  metal colors and layered the Sea Nymphs image on the top.
The embellishments  added were netting, sea shells, sea shaped confetti, pearls, gold edge stickers and  sea shell stickers. The final accents included blue and green glittery Stickles and the hand cut sentiment that says  "She knew at last what it meant to be of the sea"

"Lady Luck"
Starting with an over sized playing card as the base, I then layered the Ace of hearts  pinup image from Jokers Wild on top. The embellishments added include Las Vegas location stickers, a cigar band, dice, tiny playing cards, tiny stickers that say LADY LUCK and Vegas lights. The final  accents are  gold glittery Stickles and the hand cut sentiment that says: What did you have in mind?

Gecko Galz Free Stamp

Friday, July 3, 2015

Forever Friend Watercolor tag

Thinking about friendship today....I've met so many wonderful friends here in the low country and I wanted to celebrate that fact! There are many old and dear friends still up north and this is for them       too. I enjoyed using Retro Cafe Art supplies on this little art tag. I hope that you will get to spend
 this week with your forever friends.                                                                                  
Artfully yours,

"Forever Friend"

To make this tag I watercolored the background and then over stamped it with a musical score stamp. The little houses cut outs  are from Retro Cafe Art and were painted pink and white. The tiny paper leaves and flowers came next. Embellishments include scroll rub ons, pink pearls and an eyelet trim. The sentiment  using paper cuts from Retro Cafe Art reads "Forever Friend".

Lucky the Illustrated Woman

If are you like me... a very visual person, you probably are on Pinterest. Pinterest has every thing. You can see inspiring art, clothing, home, DIYs and of course tattoos. Yes, tattoos! I would never get any that I admire, there are entire impressionist paintings, interesting retro styles  and even abstract images. There was a piece on tattoo artists on the tv show....Sunday Morning today. In honor of all the tatoos out there, I was inspired to create a piece using Retro Cafe Art  products. I call her Lucky the illustrated woman.

Hope you will be inspired this week.
Artfully yours,

To Make this piece:
Using silver paint I then  stamped all over  the art doll a RCA female figure. Attached her wings and applied appliques of vintage tattoos. She is standing on a painted wooden heart on top of a wooden  RCA spool that is covered with  a tattoo rub on, that is on a black glitter RCA wreath cut out . The final accents are the RCA Baker colored twine  and the Red Stickles  heart.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Be Playful

Today we are being visited by my helper MaryLou, who has modeled most of my jewelry creations over the years. My creation today is a little flower pin that I will definitely be wearing this summer. The center pin is a little painting palette from Retro Cafe Art which is  on a denim painted rose. Of course it is sparkly, so the paint spots are represented by hand colored crystals. The little brush has glitter accents too. The sentiment reads " Be Playful", something I try to be in my art.

Hope you will be playful this week.
Take care,

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