Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear husband, I'm yours

Retro Cafe Art supplies always inspire me, especially their Valentine's items. Check out their cute stuff and while you're at it they also are having  a Valentines Day contest on their blog, you can check it out here. You could win cool things. I made this card and my husband was totally in love with it. He said it reminded him of the distressed car art he makes. And you know, he's right it does! You can see more of his cars at his etsy shop called Classic Wrecks.

To make this card, I started by painting a RCA key hole heart with acrylic paints in red, brown and cream. I also painted a RCA antique skeleton key with gold, copper and rubbed it with brown ink. Both were edged with glittery Stickles. The background paper was watercolored, kissed with brown ink and detailed with pencil. Some heart rhinestones on the corners and a tiny sentiment in the key hole that reads 'I'm yours" came next. Oh, and that sentiment is for my DH.

Hope you will spend time with a "dear" this week.
sincerely, gerri
"I'm yours"

"Distressed heart details"

"DH distressed cars"


  1. Lovely work, but I hope you will not be distressing your hubby next! Valerie

  2. This is really great Gerri - love that keyhole & key - perfect for Valentine's Day!!!! LOL love the "distressed" car too!!!

  3. oh hun your card is amazing love that keyhole,just perfect and love the distressed car hugs Cherylxxxxx

  4. Brautiful card Gerri, love your use of crepe paper too. I've seen your DH's Etsy shop, his cars are amazing!

  5. Awesome card! And it really does look like your hubby's car!!! xoxo

  6. perfect combo for Valentine's Day--your card and his car!

  7. Looks amazing.. No not DH car.. The card.. Hee Hee......

    Hugs, Linda

  8. Gerri, this is so VERY pretty!

  9. Gerri
    The keyhole is such a special addition to your card.

  10. Wow Gerri this is fabulous a real stunner. You must have invested a small fortune in stickles and you use them so beautifully. DH art is fabulous too what a talented couple you are.



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