Sunday, July 10, 2011

Drive with your arms around me

Today I will be sharing something special, yes there will be some of my paper art but, surprise... I will show you some of my husband's junker car art too.

My piece was a card for Bella Creations in the month of June. We had to use the vintage car image. I added the couple from Stampsmith, on to a patterned ground that was layered with gold open weave ribbon. There is a layered heart, white beads and gold foil accents. The sentiment reads "There is a beauty to travel with their arms around each other." This piece was influenced by my husband's love of cars and his junker art.

Here are examples of his model car "junker" art that he sells on etsy in his shop called Classic Wrecks. There are even more on our family site called Its All Treasure too. Check them out, now he even does custom too!They are wrecked, rusted, crashed and dirty. He loves the tiniest details including flat tires, ripped up upholstery, little license plates and wired engines.

We love looking and discussing each others work, its something that we share everyday.


Hope  you share something special with a loved one this week.
always, gerri


  1. Beautiful work from both of you! I don>'t have any loved ones to share things with, but I share with my online friends, that's good, too! Valerie

  2. Lovely work from you both. We share quite a bit and it makes for great harmony. xx

  3. Fabulous pieces of art from both of you. Lovely to share and to have something in common. I love those cars. Tracy x

  4. Love your card Gerri!!! And do you know I love your husbands "junkers" LOL I'm a tom boy and I like cars!!

  5. Wow, two very talented people. Hugs

  6. Very talented indeed .. both of you. Love the cars! Adore your piece of work today .. hit the spot. Thanks. hugs, Donna

  7. Wow, Gerri, I love it all!!! I adore your picture and those cars are amazing!!

  8. Lovely card....great cars.....
    Wishing you both a beautiful day

  9. Where do I start?
    With your husband's art. Sorry Gerri LOL.
    I spy a 2CV, my dream car. Since the day I learnt to drive I have dreamt of driving a 2cv and here I am at 43 years of age, 25 years since learning to drive and I still want this car. The detail is astonishing.
    Then for your art. The Stampsmith couple look so at home on this piece of art and what a wonderful sentiment.
    You and your husband share something so precious, being able to share your love of art and discussing what each has achieved or works in progress. Now that is a real life Love Story.

  10. How wonderful is this.. You both are so talented. I love your creations. But your hubbies cars look amazing.. AMAZING. Yep, I am going to have to show my hubby..

    Hugs, Linda

  11. Oh Gerri how lovely to be able to share with your hubby ! I feel the same I always like to get the seal of approval from mine he is a fabulous designer of jewelery and has a great eye for detail so I always show him first. Your card is so gorgeous and the stamped image is amaxing what with the little crown and all. Your husbands work is amazing. The attention to detail is fabulous they must have taken him forever, what a talented team you are. Looks like both f us are sharing so of our family members art today .


  12. Like a summer poem about love... This piece is rich, intimate and sweet. And your gifted husband's work is amazingly detailed!! I thought at first these were showroom floor cars , until I read your post!!!!LOL
    If the two of you have any children, I'll bet money they are creatives too!!!

  13. Gerri, your card looks really wonderful, love the saying on it. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  14. Lobe your Bella card Gerri. Your DH does an awesome job with his cars! I saw his shop and they are all gorgeous, so much detail! Love the fact that they are wrecks too. I have the real thing sitting in the garage waiting to be fixed, ha ha. My Dh has his wrecked original 68 GTX on his bucket list. So glad you shared, your whole family is so talented!

  15. Good Morning! I love that romantic piece you made--probably one of my favorites. Makes me think of some of the road trips with my hubby. And most definitely, your hubby's junker cars are great! I haven't seen anything like that before either. I have a friend in Australia whose brother races cars and really gets into unique cars. I'll have to pass on your etsy stores to them for sure! Well, off to spend time with my Mom.have a great week!


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