Sunday, December 18, 2011

On Golden Shimmering Angel Wings

Here is a  golden ornament with angels for my Retro Cafe Art design piece. I love the theme of angels, it makes me think of my mom. My mom loved angels and when she passed, my daughter would point to them and say,  "Look mommy, there's grandma with her friends the angels." It made me smile everytime.

To make the ornament/tag, I started with a metal tag that I painted bright gold. The beautiful angels are from Retro Cafe Art collage sheet called Assorted Christmas by Debrina Pratt. Some sparklie paper trim, a bit of gold fiber and dots of silver and gold Stickles were all it needed to  complete this sparklie remembrance.

Hope you will be greeted by an angel this week.
yours truly, gerri
"Angels Up Above"

"Angelic Details"


  1. Such fabulous shimmer that I am sure this comes a glow under the lights from the Christmas tree.
    I hope your preparations are all in hand and you are sailing through them.

  2. The trim you have used is exquisite - the entire piece is gorgeous. Love the trim you have used .. all in all a magical look. Will you be moved for Christmas? Or in the process. Thinking of you often going through all this at this time of year. xxDonna

  3. oh Gerri, stunning stunning stunning!!!! you are the angel that passed by me today. i am absolutely inspired. love and blessings to you and happy holidays. xo


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