Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Butterfly Cathedral

For today's Retro Cafe Art Design team piece, I created a little hanging piece. Sorry for not posting yesterday, as we continue to settle into our new house, I just couldn't get anything done. I can't wait till I get to unpack my craft room, right now I am still using the supplies I put in a suitcase when we moved!

To make this piece, I started with an Fancy frame ATC insert and painted it silver and added silver glitter. The butterfly is cut out of the daguerrotype collage sheet using a butterfly ATC opening as my template. It was painted with pastel colors for dimension. Blue Stickles and pink rhinestones were added details. A medium gothic arch coated with silver glitter was layered on top. Sparkley pink tinsel and blue metallic ribbon were the finishing touches.

Hope you will spot something sparkley this week.
take care, gerri


  1. I love the way you use the ATC frames, Gerri. So clever. But then, you are the master. :o) Donna

  2. Wonderful made Gerri. Beautiful in that frame.
    Lovely greet

  3. Hope you soon get everything straight after your move! Nice sparkle again today! Valerie

  4. Very clever Gerri - this looks really effective! Happy unpacking LOL make sure you get that craft box unpacked first!!!

  5. Hello Gerri, amazed that this is what you can make out of the little in your suitcase. Good luck with the unpacking and hope you have your craft room up and running soon. Happy New Year to you and yours. Elizabeth


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