Friday, September 13, 2013

Colorful Free Spirit

Today for Retro Cafe Art I am showing you a bracelet . MaryLou is away,l  so sorry she isn't in the photo.... plus she doesn't have any arms. LOL. I adore making Jewelry  its fun, easy and helps my pocket book too! It also is such a conversation starter. I'm sure you have been asked about your jewelry from time to time and to be complimented on something you made is such a great feeling.

Well to make this piece I started with  Mini fairy bloom floral cut outs and painted them each with two colors.Stamping came next. I stacked and glued them together adding some Stickles and Rhinestones for shine, I glued them to a piece of braid and attached a claso. and that was that.

Hope you will get  something sparkley this week.
artfully yours, gerri

Pretty Stamped Bracelet


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