Saturday, June 15, 2013

Alas! How light a cause my move

I do so adore the Renaissance time period, especially for it's art but also for it's clothing style. I am particularly fascinated by the men's clothing., they were such peacocks. With tights, jerkins and of course the occasional codpiece, it is so very different from our time. Can you imagine the men in your life dressing this way? Ha! To continue with this theme, today I am showing you a hanging collage using Retro Cafe Art products.

I started by painting with neutral two pieces of chip board then over stamping them with a 100 proof press medallion stamp in black. I tied them together with some ombré red ribbon. The Renaissance couple are fussy cut from the Medieval Magick RCA sheet. I added gold Dresden border scrap border, some jeweled button and gold Stickles accents. A tiny red heart and the hand cut sentiment finished the piece. It reads " Alas, how light a cause may move dissension between hearts that love."

How you will get to visit a different period of time this week.
Artfully yours,

"Alas, how light a cause may move dissension between hearts that love."


  1. love your beautiful hanging Gerri. Annette x

  2. Love the theme and the time period! xoDonna

  3. Truly beautiful example of a great time in history.


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