Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thoughts of you from a sandy beach

It looks like the Summer of Color Challenge is almost over! I have enjoyed sampling those fabulous flavors in my art. For week 5, it was a "wild  and reckless"  colored sherbert that we used as inspiration. It is described as A green apple, blue raspberry, and fruit punch flavored sherbet party. Fruit has never had so much fun." - Baskin Robbins. After a visit to Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina, I decided to do a beach piece for this challenge. I've included some altered photos I took at the end of this post.

I decided to use the 100 Proof Press Victorian Woman in Beachwear as my subject. She is seated under a palm tree that I colored in front of a watercolored accented beach scene. There's some blue lace, a bingo card and a painted background. The sentiment reads "Thoughts of you from a sandy beach".

Thinking of you dear friends from our sandy beach,
take care, gerri

"Thoughts of you from a sandy beach"

"Sandy Details "

Huntington Beach, South Carolina


  1. Lovely piece, and making me hungry to see the sea and the sun again! Germany is just grey and wet! Valerie

  2. Such a wonderful creation my friend. You know I just love the beach. Love all the fabulous layering here.


  3. Gorgeous card!. Totally beautiful sunset colors in the background. I LOVE to explore the beach on the bottom, looks so mysterious with curious trees like that! :). Hugs.

  4. Really lovely use of the sherbet colors, so cute.

  5. Lovely artwork, perfect for this week's ice cream flavour :o)

  6. The colours are delicious and ts winter here so i really wish i was your

  7. Fabulous colours and images. I hope to be in your warm country in a couple of weeks in CA. This piece makes me long to be there now.
    hugs {brenda} xox


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