Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I wish I could be queen

Mary Lou is making an appearance for me with some Retro Cafe pins I created. Just a quick post today since we are going to the beach.

I really like versatility so, this pretty pink ribbon bow pin has interchangeable pieces. I used several RCA collage sheets added glitter details  and hand cut sweet sentiments then layered them under some resin. The pink bottle caps frame the images perfectly. The RCA collage sheets used were  crowns by Cassandra Van Curen, Roses- Victorian Florals by Debrina Pratt, Beautiful Marie . Each pink bottle cap can clip onto the ribbon depending on my mood.

So, I do hope your wishes are granted this week.
take care, gerri

"Interchangeable Pin"


  1. Lovely idea, one is prettier than the other! Valerie

  2. How clever Gerri & such gorgeous dainty looking creations!

  3. What a creative idea. They are just lovely.

  4. LOVE these.. You are so creative. I love to tease my daughter that I am a beautiful queen.. My first name Linda means beautiful in Spanish, and my middle name is Renee which someone told me means queen. So you see my name really does mean Beautiful Queen. LOL..


  5. Love these gerri, beautiful pins to wear.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  6. Wonderful idea, your altered bottle caps look fabulous.

  7. Just so pretty Gerri.
    How funny that as I view your post I surround myself with Marie stamps (Oxford Impressions) and also Marie images. We are both in Marie mode lol.


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