Sunday, June 1, 2014

How shall I compare?

Here's two pieces for Gecko Galz for the month of June. I recently made a homemade gelli printing plate and have been creating  tons background papers. I had fun with stencils, bubble wrap, stamps all all sorts of paints. Really don't know what I am doing yet but have had fun making them! LOL.

                                              So, This card started with hand 
printed paper that I made in turq 
with a gold filagree stencil.I 
layered the  turq arched door  
image from the "behind the door" 
sheet and layered the pretty 
female image from the "Her 
beautiful colors" Gecko Galz 
June sheet. The  gold german 
scrap borders on the card and the 
door came next. Lots of pearl 
stickers added shine. The 
accents include Gold Stickles and 
the hand cut sentiment from 
William Shakespeare "Shall I 
compare thee to a Summers 
day? Thou art more lovely and 
more temperate."

"How Shall I compare thee"

                        For my second project, I started with the pretty image 
of the  red head from the June 
"her beautiful colors " sheet 
and layered her on the blue  
Art Nouveau door from the 
"behind the dooR sheet. This 
was glued to some hand 
printed paper then an 
embossed scalloped sheet 
and finally put on a blue print 
paper. The scalloped paper 
was watercolored and stickled 
with pink and blue. The 
accents include the beaded 
scepter, crown, pink tulle, her 
necklace, pink ribbon borders 
and sparkly  rhinestone 
flowers in pink and blue. The 
hand cut sentiment reads" the 
Queen grasped Fate's hand"

"The queen grasped Fate's hand"

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  1. These are gorgeous Gerri. Love both your makes. The pearls and beading are really beautiful embellishments.


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