Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Three Birds on an ATC limb

Over at Unruly Paper Arts, today's "Inktution" column is about ATC's with my approach and inspiration. Well, it's spring here in the South and the birds are all out tweeting and twittering about. I've even been going on bird walks with a naturalist to learn the birds of my new home in the south. We spotted our local bald eagle. Boy it was huge and so very majestic. Lots of wood peckers were seen too so, today's Artist Trading Card "how tos" were inspired by all the new birdies around me. Now let's start flying......

Like layers on a Birds Breast

The biggest thing that I have learned about ATCs is layers and their importance. I always strive for a minimum of 5. For the projects below, I used 6 or 7. The 6 major layers in today's pieces are the ATC frames from Retro Cafe Art, the patterned paper background, white picket fence from Retro Cafe Art, fiber trim , tiny feathers, cut out birds and paint/Stickles.

Pretty Bird

I usually like to include one main image whether a bird, flower or person. It can also be an inanimate object like a cake, star etc. I believe it gives our pieces a focal point and helps tell the story.

Nest of Fiber and Threads

Ribbon, lace, netting or fabric add dimension like a birdie's nest. I think it helps round out the flatness of paper. It also adds some warmth. It also makes you want to reach out and touch a piece.

Small Shiny Things

Dots of Dimensional Pearls, Glitter Stickles , rhinestones, buttons or shiny paint add the highlights to my tiny works of art. Like a magpie that collects shiny things, I too collect and add them to my pieces. I have big collections of all things bright and glittery to add the finishing touches.

Sweet Bird Songs

I always include bits of hand cut words and or sayings on my ATCs and sprinkled like bird song. Today I used Retro Cafe Arts Cassandra Van Curen Collage Sheet 3. It adds another dimension to the piece. Besides the visual story , I like to make my viewers think or imagine the meanings too.

So here are today's Birdie ATCs. Hope you'll tweet a happy tune after seeing them.
take care,

Once Upon A Bird

Imagine Home

Fly Free

Three Birds on a Limb


  1. Fabulous bird creations Gerri!!

  2. Ah Gerri! You've done it again. They are all beautiful, and they all make me smile. hugs, Donna


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