Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Its Getting Close

Well its's getting close, Halloween that is and also Hurricane Sandy for my friends on the east coast of the United States. I hope if you are in the eye of the storm you are safe. It's a big one and is supposed to last quite awhile and impact will be intense. It did not impact us at all here in South Carolina we have had a string of clear sunny days.

Well to make this Halloween card I used all sorts of  haunting Retro Cafe Art supplies. The Hello Dollie Paper Cut cutie was my starting point and I added the  RCA ouija board, tiny masquerade cut out mask and the shiny silver  witchy hat. The background of RCA poison labels was layered on the Halloween Tree ATC background by Cassandra Van Curen. Two tiny small Gothic windows  were filled with skeleton images. All this was glued to a shiny marblized card. Of course, everything was covered with Silver and Red Stickles accents.

Hope you will be a little witchy this week.
Take care, gerri


  1. love how this is spooky cute Gerri!! Debi x

  2. Great piece for Halloween, Gerri. xoDonna

  3. This is absolutely wonderful, Gerri! Like you, I am looking at the news and hoping my US friends are all ok,

    Lucy x

  4. A fantastic Halloween creation. Hope you will stay safe, keep my fingers crossed.

  5. Your Halloween project here looks amazing. Good to hear the storm missed you. It looks like it was a really bad one.



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