Friday, March 16, 2012

A Kid'll eat ivy too, wouldn't you

My mom used to sing us a silly song when we were young that went "Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, a kid 'll ivy too, wouldn't you!. When I made this sweet little Easter card using the March Gecko Galz Easter sheet I thought of my dear mom. There are so many melodies form my childhood that I would love to hear my mother sing again. Are there any songs from childhood that you haven't thought of in awhile?

Well, I framed the cute little girl and kid with 100 proof press gilded picture frame that was stamped and watercolored and dabbed with gold Stickles highlights. The background is a Gecko Galz Victorian Blues Paper pack that I also watercolored for a softer effect. Some gold glitter buttons, some pink and gold ribbon and the Easter Greetings sentiment cut from the little girl and kid image and I was just about done. A purple ink kissed edged pink card was the final step and our little kid was off to eat his ivy!

Hope you will remember a sweet childhood tune this week.
take care, gerri
"Easter Greeting"


  1. Lovely piece, I remember that song too! Valerie

  2. Fabulous Easter greeting and the perfect image for the time of year. Love the song. Enjoy your weekend. Tracy x x

  3. Oh yes.. I used to love to hear my mom sing songs to us.. What a gorgeous Easter piece.. Hope you have a happy weekend my friend..

    Hugs, Linda

  4. OMG she is so gorgeous!! Beautiful Easter creation & now I can't get that song out of my head!!!

  5. Beautiful Easter Card Gerri. Have a great weekend, Annette x

  6. Love this Gerri and I remember that song well,my Mom sang it too. Hugs

  7. Adorable, Gerri!!

    Oddly enough, we've been watching Twin Peaks dvds, and that song creeps me out now . . .


  8. This is gorgeous Gerri! And I never knew those were the words to the song! I thought it went Mars ey doats an darse ey doats an little ivey divey, bla bla bla, so are you. Then again I thought there was a song about a ground young virgin to sing at Christmas time, lol.

  9. O so pretty. That picture is perfect for this card! My mom used to sing this song to us growing up too, and then I sang it to my kids. And then my kids would want me to sing it to their friend because they thought it was funny that their friends couldn't figure it out. Ha ha. Ahhh, the memories!


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