Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sky blue Victorian Birdhouse

Well, the birds are certainly out here in the low country. We even set up a new set of feeders near our window,  so we can see all the different beautiful varieties. They are so wonderful flitting about our home. We had to buy a squirrel baffle since we found the squirrels literally hanging from the three feeders eating all the seeds! In honor of this event, I was inspired to create this Victorian birdhouse using Retro Café Art supplies. 

Hope you will see some amazing feathered friends this week.
Take care and tweet tweet,

"Victorian Birdhouse"

Here are the  Retro Café Art supplies:

Collage sheet DP 122
3" tall unfinished wood candle stick
Mini paper blooms
Brass bird on a branch
Thistle Stickles


  1. I love what you've done with the roof! But the whole thing is spectacular.
    Very pretty.

  2. I love your Victorian Birdhouse!! Gorgeous!

  3. That is really good and informative post. You have made your point, thanks for sharing it with us and keep posting


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