Friday, March 20, 2015

It was like a dream and Voila!

Todays project uses Gecko Galz images on an interactive art piece. The small shadow box from Retro Café Art just happened to fit some small dominos I had in my stash. I covered both sides with different  coordinating Gecko Galz images and viola, a moveable changeable piece.

Speaking of Voila! I was featured on Gecko Galz blog today . I was asked the following  question about magic powers. Let me know what you think!

What 3 magic powers would you like to have to advance Scrapbooking/ Paper arts....

1 Poof! .I would start a tv network for all things scrapbooking, paper arts, mixed media. I would give some of my favorite artists tv shows like Tim Holtz and Dina Wakely. I would explore paper arts around the world .It would include all kinds of programing from reality shows, game shows, competitions and even news programs about this topic. It could all be tied together with social media...facebook, pinterest, and instagram.
2Poof!.I would give everyone in the world the ability to stop and  find their inner child or muse. I would erase all their  fears about trying  to create art.  I believe it could bring more happiness to all people in all stages of their lives.
3.Poof! I would make sure that  especially in the US (and the world) that Art and Art history is a required course  from kindergarten thru high school and also to emphasis  the importance of creativity . It s what makes us truly human.
Take care, Gerri

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