Sunday, March 2, 2014

The very Pulse of the Machine

Steampunk is a favorite theme of mine and I especially like to make it my own and I call it "Girlie Steampunk". Who says gears, sprockets and machinery can't be feminine and romantic! This two sided project today was for Retro Cafe Art, I'm also going to show you where it hangs. It is in my studio on a vintage "stairway to the moon shelf" with all my other Retro Cafe Art  beautiful swaps from other talented artist friends.

To make this heart  I started with the Masonite Steampunk Heart  and painted one side black and one side silver. It was layered with Steampunk Gears painted copper, gold, silver that are all metallic colors. The center is a Faux watch movement  part piece and the other side is a female image under a dome. Lots of shiny Stickles, painted dots and copper stickers complete this piece. The sentiment is on the black sheer ribbon  on a layered banner cutout and says "And now I see the very pulse of the machine".

Hope you will seed the pulse of all the world's machinery this week.
Artfully yours,

"4 Ever"

"And now I see the very pulse of the Machine"

"In my Studio"


  1. Exquisitely crafted ! So beautiful.

  2. fabulous!!!!
    just beautiful!

  3. This is beautiful! I have not seen the staircase on the moon either, that is stunning! ~Diane


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