Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mermaids in Paris

I just had to share with you the incredible shrines I received in the Retro Cafe Art swap today. I love doing swaps, it's the joy of sending my little creations into the world and the surprise and wonder of the pieces I receive in return.

Of course, Kristin knew me so well and sent me two of my favorite themes. I am so predictable. Yes, she sent me mermaids and Black/pink Paris....that's why I did today's post title  Mermaids in Paris!  Ha ha.

The  mermaid shine is by Bonnie Ashurst, and it is simply divine. I love the drink umbrella and how the little shrine looks like a cabana. Such attention to detail, notice the sail matches the shape of the house on the back and the little chair inside! The second one was a black and pink Paris theme because of the fleur d'isle. The talented artist was Virginia Smith. I adore the transparent wings and of course all the rhinestones. You know I believe there can never be too much bling.

Well, I hope you get a pleasant surprise this week.
Artfully yours,



  1. Love these fun pieces, especially the butterfly wings! ~Diane

  2. So glad you like them!!! Yes, I know what you like. LOL! xoxo


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