Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh Sweet Marie in her Panniers

Did you know that I love studying historical or period costume. I love how clothing sometimes can be so very different from our time and how it represents the the culture and time that surrounded it. I even worked as an intern in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City as an intern back in the day. I did get to met some  celebs too  including Jackie Onassis, Baryshnikov- the dancer  and Diana Vreeland while working on  a Diaghilev Ballets Russes exhibit.

So, today for Retro Cafe Art it is Marie Antoinette  and her pannier or side hoop skirts that inspired me. I used an old tear shaped glass ornament as the base and put her image from the Marie Antoinette Collage sheet by Cassandra Van Curen inside. I added a white  paper doily ruffle to extend her silhouette and to represent her skirt. I added cream colored fabric roses, tiny pearls, Dimensional Pearls and silver Stickles accents. A silver glittery ribbon at the top lets me hang her on my inspiration board.

Well I hope you get to see explore your passion this week.
take care, gerri
Oh Sweet Marie!


  1. WOW- what an awesome project- and I am green with envy- what a cool, cool internship!!!

  2. Isn't she GORGEOUS! You have outdone yourself Gerri! Enjoy the weekend. xoDonna

  3. Just have to pop back in this morning to say how lovely it was to see your comments on my blog! Thanks for dropping by, Gerri. I know your life is so busy. Take good care. soDonna


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