Monday, February 11, 2013

Thy loving smile

Yes, I am in a Valentines mood this week, its all about hearts, red glitter and  lace, all the things that I adore. I looked around for something new to spark my imagination and found the Alice in Wonderland Paper Cutouts from Retro Cafe Art. When I saw the heart on the court rabbit I new it was my inspiration. I happened to have a 1946 Alice in Wonderland book that is badly water damaged from my youth. I decided I could cut it up and used the words today from a poem in that book. Ill be using it for other projects too!

Well, to make this little 3d piece I started by painting a Heart Shrine from RCA with white paint. I decorated it with Red Stickles, red paint , a blue pencil and blue Sharpie dots. I layered it on a frilly white paper doily that I added Red Stickles to it too. The Paper Cut Out rabbit has touches of Red Stickles too and some blue dots. The 3D glitter red hearts came next. The finishing touch was the poem from Alice in Wonderland.... "Thy loving smile will surely hail, the love gift of a fairy tale."

Hope you will be given the gift of a fairy tale this week.
yours truly, gerri

"Thy loving smile will surely hail, the love gift of a fairy tale."


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