Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Through the Sweet Heart Looking Glass

For Retro Cafe Art I'm still using my old damaged Alice in Wonderland book, that I found. The cards I made with it were sent  out for Valentines Day, to a couple of dear friends. I just love the Alice in Wonderland illustrations in the book and there were exactly the same from Retro Cafe Art.

To make these cards, I painted some red photo blank cards with gold paint and gold Stickles. I used my Alice in Wonderland book pages as the back ground. The Alice In Wonderland cut outs from Retro Cafe Art came next. I added a tiny heart from the Heart mix that I covered with Red Stickles. I did the same with Valentine Cut out "Heart" word for height. Some dresden german red scalloped scrap  trim and red hearts added additional dimension and sparkle.

Hope you have a sweet week.
take care,
Through the Looking Glass

Sweet Heart

Heart Details

Froggy Details

Saturday, February 23, 2013

It will never be the same again

Here's an interesting tag for Gecko Galz today. The creative mind works in strange and wonderful ways, don't ask me why I decided to stick the sword thru the rose, I just did! The little sword is actually a cocktail pick to hold olives. Yes I did take it out of my drink!

This tag used the striking female image from the Unveiled Beauties collage sheet. It was layered on a stamped tag that used the 100 proof press ornate stamp. Additions of purple and gold paint came next. Some purple German scrap edged the tag. A paper rose touched with purple Stickles with my sword are in the corner. A gold ring and a lace ribbon were used as the hanger. The hand cut sentiment reads "It would never be the same.

Hope your week will never be the same!
take care, gerri
It will never be the same again.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is a beautiful dream

Happy Valentines Day my dear friends... I love sending Valentines and send them just to tell some one I am thinking of them. Today is a special day too because over at Gecko Galz you can vote on your favorite Design Teams Valentine Day card. The voting lasts till Feb 21st and you can do it  here.

Here's a Valentine card using some Gecko Galz images. I started with a pink polka dot paper over stamped with pink floral print. Layered an image of pink vintage postcard. Glued on the blue label from Vintage Labels  Collage Sheet from Gecko Galz. Added a Clear Blue circle floral halo. Fussy cut
the pretty Lady image from Dress Up Collage Sheet from Gecko Galz. Added some Scalloped paper border Aqua trim, Rose embroidered ribbon and dotted it with Pink Dimensional Pearls. The sentiment
"Love is a beautiful dream".

Hope you will find a little love today.
take care, gerri
"Love is a beautiful dream"

Loving Details

Monday, February 11, 2013

Thy loving smile

Yes, I am in a Valentines mood this week, its all about hearts, red glitter and  lace, all the things that I adore. I looked around for something new to spark my imagination and found the Alice in Wonderland Paper Cutouts from Retro Cafe Art. When I saw the heart on the court rabbit I new it was my inspiration. I happened to have a 1946 Alice in Wonderland book that is badly water damaged from my youth. I decided I could cut it up and used the words today from a poem in that book. Ill be using it for other projects too!

Well, to make this little 3d piece I started by painting a Heart Shrine from RCA with white paint. I decorated it with Red Stickles, red paint , a blue pencil and blue Sharpie dots. I layered it on a frilly white paper doily that I added Red Stickles to it too. The Paper Cut Out rabbit has touches of Red Stickles too and some blue dots. The 3D glitter red hearts came next. The finishing touch was the poem from Alice in Wonderland.... "Thy loving smile will surely hail, the love gift of a fairy tale."

Hope you will be given the gift of a fairy tale this week.
yours truly, gerri

"Thy loving smile will surely hail, the love gift of a fairy tale."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Arrow to Amore

Trying something a bit different from my usual girlie style today for Retro Cafe ARt. It's a tag that is something a bit more graphic. Of course, it's still about love but in a modern way. I've been trying to decorate our new home using  a different creative eye too. I'm using all things that I own but in new ways. In a couple of weeks, I will start showing you here on my blog.

I started with a tag that I dabbed turq, red, mustard and pink paint on and also used punchella for a stencil. I layered a painted Valentine Wood Cutout "Amore" that was painted with turq, pink and cream. The Cupid Cutouts is painted turq with a red Stickle heart and white dimensional pearl on the wings. The tag also has a curved arrow and asterisk sticker that were painted, dotted and stickled. Some shiny red heart stickers with dimensional pearl dots add shiny. The final touches were red German Dresden Fancy Border scalloped scrap trim and a bright red bow.

Hope you will find amore this week.
love always, gerri


Cupid Details

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